Super Mario ReMaker Playable PC Demo


Welcome to Super Mario ReMaker. It might look a lot like the original, but its actually a fan made project that hopes to encourage Nintendo to port Super Mario Maker over to PC with extras.

Nintendo is a company that takes their property rights seriously. We’ve seen them take offense at these sorts of projects in the past. So I wouldn’t get my hopes up to high of this becoming an actually game just yet. But the creators have released a playable demo. Its still a bit rocky, but coming along. Check it out here.



Q: Is this a remake of Super Mario Maker?
A: Sort of. This project started out as a simple SMB1 engine, but as soon as Super Mario Maker came out,
I decided I just had to replicate the “stylized” SMB1 style in it (with shadows), then I ended up reamking
various aspects from Super Mario Maker, including Costume Mushrooms (which are fully customizable).
Q: Are you going to add other game styles (SMB3, SMW, NSMBU)?
A: No. This fangame is only gonna have the SMB1 style, which is already the most content-packed style of
Super Mario Maker anyways (with the costumes, weird Mario, etc.).
If you want these styles just play the original game!
Q: What about a custom style or a style that hasn’t been done before (i.e. SMB2)?
A: Probably not. But if there ever will be something like that, the difference will be probably just graphically.
The folder of the game is already huge in size because of all music.
Q: Can “X” be a costume? / Can you add a costume of the character “X”?
A: While you are free to request any costume you’d like to see, the answer will be most likely no.
Nothing stops you from creating your own costume, though, as you can customize all of them.
Q: Can you add this feature?
A: Like the costumes, I cannot guarantee every request will be granted, but feel free to request.
Q: What’s in the demo?
  • Most elements from the original SMB1 + some Super Mario Maker exclusives
  • A few elements from SMB2J (The Lost Levels), SMB Deluxe, and Mario Forever
  • Full Editor with ability to Save/Load
  • 9 Course Themes (Ground, Underground, Underwater, Castle, Ghost House, Ice, Desert, Athletic and Night) + Customizable Theme
  • All of the SMB1 style powerups (Mushroom, Fire Flower, Costume Mushroom, Weird Mario)
  • Stack enemies on each other (VERY glitchy at the moment)
  • Put enemies on blocks
  • Costume Mushroom with 100% customizable costumes (with optional ability of shooting projectiles)
  • Hotkeys for placing objects (in full version there will be a menu)
  • “Shaking Elements” (Right Click)
  • Course Bot/World to play courses and special modes (i.e. You VS Boo from SMBDX)
  • Interactive Credits Screen
Q: The costumes are not working!!!
A: Remember that they have to be in a NUMBERED folder in the costumes folder within
the content folder (located at %localappdata%\Super_Mario_ReMaker, there’s a shortcut
to it in the ZIP file)
Q: I can’t place a flagpole!
A: For “safety”, I decided to make it so you can only place a flagpole on top of
normal blocks (letter B shortcut)
Q: The costumes I downloaded from the costume packs have a white background
A: Make sure you download the costume packs as ZIP from dropbox,
and not every file individually.
Q: What to expect in the next demo/full version?
  • More Exclusive Themes
  • Checkpoints
  • Warps and Doors
  • 1 (or more) extra areas to edit
  • More “official” costumes
  • Better animations and UI
  • Better Editor
  • Play “Worlds” (sets of courses)
  • Ice Flower (and maybe more powerups)
  • Weird Fire Mario(?)
  • Achievements(?)
  • “Big” Enemies
  • Put wings on objects
  • Rewritten Enemy Stacking
  • Full and Accurate Springboard Physics
  • More Elements from SMM/SMB1/SMB2J/SMBDX/MF
  • Different Graphics(?)
  • Unlock System(?)
  • Course/Costume World Website Thing(?)
  • More fixed bugs
  • Luigi?!?!
  • SLOPES?!?!?!?!?!


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