Super Mario Odyssey Announced For Nintendo Switch


A new 3D Mario game, Super Mario Odyssey, has been announced for Nintendo Switch. It will launch holiday 2017.

Yoshiaki Koizumi, producer of Super Mario Odyssey, said in this game Mario has jumped out of the Mushroom Kingdom and journeys “to an unknown world.” Super Mario Odyssey is a sandbox game like Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine.

Koizumi also said that Mario’s “mysterious cap” that now has eyes offers “action that can only be experienced on Nintendo Switch.”

A brief gameplay trailer for the game starts with Mario running down a detailed city street, jumping over yellow taxi cabs that are familiar to our world, but look somewhat out of place in the usual, fantastical world of Mario games. Other scenes in the trailer show Mario jumping rope in a city park, dancing to a boombox, running along skyscrapers, and swinging on lamp posts. Don’t expect things to get too “realistic,” though… Mario was also shown riding a golden lion at one point, throwing giant turnips, and fighting cat-shaped enemies.

It’s the first new Mario platformer to hit consoles since Super Mario 3D World, which launched in 2013. The Wii U game was a sequel to Super Mario 3D Land, a Nintendo 3DS title.

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