“Streets of Rogue” Early Access Is Awesome!


Streets of Rogue

Streets of Rogue is a rogue-like action rpg indie game with a dark sense of humor that hit Early Access earlier this month.

Due to legal and laptop issues I haven’t done a video for 2 weeks, and I’m way behind on everything. Yesterday I got a Alienware 15 R3 Signature Edition, and today I’m back in business. I apologize for the delay.

For those of you that follow my articles and videos, you know I love comedic indie games. Streets of Rogue stood out from the crowd right away when browsing this months recent releases.

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After a quick testing I thought about doing a full lets play video series, and a full review. Since its on Early Access I figured its better to wait for the full build to be released before I go all out. So instead I just did a quick 15 minute game testing vid.

So what do I think about the game from what I played?

After I cut my recording I couldn’t help myself but to play on for just a bit longer. I think the first 15 minutes is all you need to get a taste for how cool this game is!

First of all I love comedic indie games with simple pixel art. I also enjoy a well made action rpg. Throw in some well designed top down rogue-like action and I’m sold.

Streets of Rogue - #GTUSA 2

Streets of Rogue offers tons of variety. Instead of just being a simple dungeon crawler, the cities are randomly generated. If you are into a game, procedure generation is always great for replay value. I can’t get enough of Death Road to Canada still months after trying it out.

The game offers a lot of variety. There are many unlockable characters, items, weapons, and more. When this game makes it out of Early Access, and it should be a given that it does, I can’t wait to see what else they add.

The controls are pretty extensive for such a simple looking game, and very easy to get down. From what I read into the story line its very humorous and entertaining. The music and sound effects match the game style great.

Streets of Rogue - #GTUSA 3

My first impression is to like everything about this game. Many games in Early Access get worse as they go. I don’t think that will be the case with Streets of Rogue. I think tinyBuild has another hit on their hands. The Early Access version is awesome, and I expect it to get even better. I give this game a Very Positive review, and definitely recommend checking it out.



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