Streets of Rage Retro Review


Today I will review one of my favorite Sega Genesis games. This will be based off of my opinion. So some of you may or may not agree. So let’s jump in shall we?thhFirst thing’s first, we will review is the story. Because I feel it’s one of the more important things a game needs. I would say overall the story was decent, though it was not the best. But it’s one of the exceptions to a game where you don’t need an awesome story.  With that said, most of the classic beat-’em-up’s stories were not that great in the 80’s and early 90’s.

Story – 7/10

Next up are characters. I feel characters are a very important part of every game. The first Streets of Rage has three characters, and each one has their own ability, like being faster or stronger etc. This was also one of the first beat-’em-up’s to have a female as a main character.

Characters – 9/10


Next are boss fights. I feel all games need a good boss battle(s). Streets of Rage had some challenging bosses, and they went up in difficulty perfectly the more you progressed.

Boss Battles – 10/10

Next are the graphics. I feel that not every game needs super good graphics, but it’s a nice bonus. This game in particular had 16-bit graphics which really stood out to me when I first played it.

Graphics – 8/10

And last but not least, my final summary of the game. This game is an instant classic. Graphics were top of the line when it came out. Characters were amazing, boss fights’ difficulty went up perfectly as you progressed, and the story was pretty good for what it was.

Final Score – 9/10


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