Street Fighter V Official Guide Revealed


Street Fighter V releases next month, and with it comes an official guide.

Well, it may be strange to get a guide for a fighting game (even back in the good ol’ days) but collectors are still gonna love this: Capcom has revealed the official guide for the upcoming Street Fighter V. The guide contains everything you could possibly need to know, including all the combos for every character, as well as “startup, active frames, recovery, damage, stun, and more.”

The guide also includes “comprehensive character strategy” that will help players learn how to play as and play against every character.

“For those who like frame data, every attack in the game for every character is listed, including startup, active frames, recovery, damage, stun, and more,” Capcom writes.

It even includes a mobile-friendly “eGuide” that will be continually updated as the game changes and more characters are added. As a special bonus for hardcore fans, Capcom is including a 16-page art gallery and a frame-ready print of Ryu and Ken. Nice, huh?

The guide will be available the same day as the game: February 16. That’s when SFV launches for PlayStation 4 and PC. Just bear in mind that the guide goes for $40 so you’re in over $100 with the price of the game. But collectors won’t mind in the slightest.

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