Street Fighter Unlimited Pays Tribute To The Walking Dead


Udon Entertainment has revealed some info on Street Fighter Unlimited #3, which is due to come out next month. This issue will host a variant of covers, one of which will pay tribute to The Walking Dead. The issue will also feature a number of fighters in undead states.

z2684fccydcJeffrey “Chamba” Cruz will also feature another one of his “Ultra Jam” variants, that will combine to form a bigger picture of every playable character in the series.

z2687gvugjvThe main cover is by Gonzalo “Genzoman” Ordonez Arias, and an alternate cover feature Cammy is by Steven “Kandoken” Mack. Written by Ken Siu-chong and art by Joe Ng.

z2686gcgcThe issue will follow Guile, Cammy, and Alex as they travel to Spain to take on Vega and his new allies. It will also feature a bonus story from writer Adam Warren and artist Omar Dogan that matches Karin against Ibuki.