Steam Controller Companion Review


Its been about a year since I got into Steam and PC gaming. I’ve never liked to play games with a keyboard and mouse. Now that I’m getting older its painful to game with a them.

There are so many exclusive games you can only find on PC. I felt like I was missing out by only playing on consoles. So I tried to suck it up and deal with my rickety old hands being in pain.

I tried to get into using my keyboard and mouse to game, but it just wasn’t happening. Instead I just ended up avoiding any PC game that isn’t controller compatible, which really was limiting my choices.

I looked into a program called Xpadder before, and it got really bad reviews. There are a few others like it, but none seemed like they were worth checking out. While browsing Steam’s Winter Sale yesterday I came across the Controller Companion, and it appeared much more promising then the competition.

I was skeptical if the Controller Companion would work at first. Usually if it looks to good to be true it is. To my amazement it does everything it claims from what I can tell so far.

I would have been satisfied if it just worked for browsing Netflix. When it comes to surfing the internet with a Xbox 360/ Xbox One controller it works perfectly. The pointer is a bit loose and takes a bit to adjust to, but it does the trick.

Another big plus is its not just for Steam games or software. You can set it up to be used with almost any PC game or whatever. The above video is 100% accurate from what I can tell with the tests I’ve run so far.

Joy to my hands! I give the Controller Companion a solid overwhelming review. If you catch the Steam Winter Sale before January 2nd its 33% off. Its only $3 normally and well worth the price in my opinion.

Get The Controller Companion On Steam Here

Video Source – Ignoring Reality

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