Start preloading The Division open beta now


Ubisoft has announced that everyone can now per-load The Division beta on all platforms. The beta starts Thursday, February 18 on Xbox One, and a day later on PC and PlayStation 4.

If you were in the closed beta you’ll only have to grab around 1 gig of extra data with the new content. If you didn’t get into that earlier version of the game or are playing on a different platform, you will have to download it all again with the files running around 27 gigs.

As for the specifics of this update, an unofficial changelog from the PS4 version of the game was shared a few days ago by a Reddit user. According to this information, The Division Open Beta will feature a new story mission to play through, a new wing of the base to unlock (Tech) and several fixes, including improved cheat detection.

The Division beta goes offline Sunday, February 21

The Division comes to PS4, Xbox One and PC from the 8th of March 2016.

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