Starcom – Defend the galaxy from an encroaching enemy force in this epic space action-adventure.

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Keyboard (WASD or Arrows) controls ship movement, mouse controls main turret.

  • Dec 25, 2015 1:23am

    While working on a sequel, I’ve finally gotten around to going back and (hopefully) fixing the bug where players would sometimes get stuck at the Starbase.

    If you still encounter this bug, let me know.

  • Apr 25, 2014 3:41am

    A number of players have expressed interest in a sequel or follow-up to Starcom. If this is something you’d be interested in, let me know:

  • Jun 10, 2009 6:47am

    Update 7/2:
    Badges have been added! The game should detect any completed achievements when you load a saved game, so if you’ve already won the game, just load your last save to collect badges.

    Update 6/18 15:30EST:

    I’ve posted a postmortem (still a work in progress). If you’re interested in the game development process behind Starcom, here it is:

    Update 6/17 13:20EST:

    Hopefully the mission bugs are all fixed now. Yes, it’s a short game, but if it proves popular, I’m hoping to do a much more detailed sequel.

    On a totally unrelated note, it’s up on Newgrounds now. If you liked it, I’d appreciate a vote. 🙂