Space Simulator ADR1FT No Longer Coming to Xbox One


Developed by Three One Zero, Adrift is a first person space simulation game that was originally announced back in June of 2014. Now, following the game’s release on both the PlayStation 4 and the PC, we have now learned that Adr1ft is “no longer releasing on Xbox One,” according to the game’s writer, Adam Orth.

Orth replied to a fan on Twitter, advising them to “get a refund.”  Publisher 505 Games has yet to comment on the situation.

In Adr1ft, you played as an astronaut who wakes up amidst the debris of a wrecked space station to find her suit damaged. The goal was to survive and find a way off; a premise that makes for a hair-raising VR game. Unfortunately, the game seemed to land with a thud in terms of its critical reception, earning an average Metascore of 64 on PC and a 56 on PS4. The game also stands at a “Mixed” user feedback rating on Steam as well, with a total positive percentage of 61%.

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