Space Overlords Set To Release On Playstation Platforms In Early December


Excalibur has announced that 12 Hit Combo’s 3D isometric action shooter Space Overlords will debut on PS Vita, PS3 and PS4 in early December 2016.

Space Overlords will allow players to name their own galaxy, and create their own system of planets. Starting by selecting from multiple planet base options, such as forest, concrete and metal, the player can build upon this foundation. By entirely customising each planet’s population, buildings, atmosphere type and more, players truly become Space Overlords.

The combos in Space Overlords are long and awesome! For each building, inhabitant or ship destroyed there will be combo points awarded (+50) for each 100 hits e.g.: 300 hits = 300 + 150 points. The MAX COMBO indicator will tell the player the maximum amount of consecutive hits he/she has achieved on the current game.

Take a look at the brand new video which details the galaxy creation system.

Excalibur announced at the end of last year that Space Overlords would be released in April 2016. But in April the release date was postponed to September 2016 and now it has been moved to early December.

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