Sony and Vince Gilligan Working on Breaking Bad VR Project


Vince Gilligan, the creator of AMC’s hit show Breaking Bad, is teaming with Sony’s PlayStation division to create a non-game, virtual reality experience.

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Andrew House told Variety: “We set up a day at our campus where we brought seven of the best show runners [Sony Pictures Television] work with, like David Shore of The Blacklist and Ron Moore–who did Battlestar Galactica–Vince, and some other folks.

“And they just played around with VR. Several of them were intrigued, but Vince was the one who said, ‘I really want to do something with this. I want to experiment with this.'”

The Breaking Bad VR project – which doesn’t have a name either – won’t be the first popular non-gaming property to get the VR treatment from a gaming team. An Alien multiplayer VR game is in the works, for example, and also promises to be a “genre defining experience.”

It’s exciting to think about as we still have a while until we know more about the Breaking Bad experience. Both Sony and Gilligan have confirmed that it won’t release this year, but that it is an active project for them.

Breaking Bad ran for five seasons on AMC and ended in September 2013, garnering rave reviews and many awards during its time on the air.

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