Sony to Start Making Mobile Games


Sony has started to make mobile games for iOS and Android. There’s already been a couple, such as Hit Man released, but it sounds like Sony will pick up their pace and start making a good bit of them.   boomAs we know Nintendo is starting to make mobile games as well. So there may be some completion going on between the two gaming compnaies now on the mobile gaming front. It will be interesting to see how this pans out.
The new division within Sony will be called ForwardWorks, and has the job of taking existing intellectual property on their PlayStation and creating games for iOS and Android based off of them. So they sound like they’re going to get a good system going.

The downfall is they’re only doing Japanese and Asian markets, with no word on further expansions yet. Which hopefully they will change, because I would be interested in seeing how they look on mobile devices here in North America.
There’s no word on what titles we will be seeing, or what games the mobile games will be based off of, but the video said their aim was to offer “fully fledged game titles” rather than extensions of existing console games. So that’s really awesome news!
Tell me what you guys think, will this start a new war between Sony and Nintendo?

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