Snoopy’s Grand Adventure


The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy’s Grand Adventure Video Game

Snoopy’s Grand Adventure is a solid imaginative platformer were you can play as Snoopy, and use his best pal Woodstock in co-op play.

z1959hgcgcgThough it doesn’t have much to do with the new Peanuts movie, this is a family oriented game that almost anyone can enjoy. Children can play along with parents, or sit back and laugh at the enjoyable adventure.

The game is based on the Peanuts gang playing hide and seek. Snoopy sets off with the aid of his best bud Woodstock to find them. Snoopy adventures these imaginative themed worlds with each ending with one of the Peanuts characters as a boss.

Behaviour Interactive does a great job with the in game movement. Snoopy obtains an array of interactive costumes that each have different abilities that can be used in the boards.

Snoopy’s Grand Adventure is available on PS4/ 360/ Xbox One/ WiiU/ & 3ds

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