Slime Rancher | Shockingly Addicting



So today for the fun of it I picked up Slime Rancher. An early access game on steam, expectations low, I was very suprised.

Not only were the controls and art on point, the game play was not akin to an early access game. Smooth running and pliable you have a small farm and open area. Collect slides that you can raise and breed to your liking.

While still in early access you do have options for multiple slimes foods and activities for your Rancher to complete. While clearly lacking a main goal at this time it’s quite addicting to play.


I look forward to an actual release and beta when the game is more filled out! You can download on steam right now for $20.00.

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I’m a Husband a Father and a gamer. I work in the web industry as well as creating and reviewing video games. I play mostly PC games and spend time enjoying the WII U and PS4 with my wife and kids.

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