Shuhei Yoshida Twitter Hacked by Pokemon Go Hackers


Hacker group OurMine has claimed it discovered a way to gain access to any account linked to the wildly popular world-building video game Minecraft. The group also seem to have hijacked the president of worldwide studios at Sony, Shuhei Yoshida’s Twitter account on 20 July.

“Hey, its OurMine, we are testing your security,” reads the first Twitter message posted by the group. It later added, “You have been hacked by OurMine Team Visit our website to secure yourself.”

In another Twitter update made on Yoshida’s hijacked account, OurMine claimed it was not a hacking group.

“We are a security group, not a hacking group,” it said. “We will give his account back immediately if he contact us.”

OurMine indicates the takeover was intended to test the security of Yoshida’s account. A number of the tweets contain links to their websites and an email address, which he can use to get in touch and supposedly reclaim control.

The group has been targeting the social media accounts of many high-profile executive recently. Among them are Yahoo boss Marissa Mayer and even Twitter’s own chief executive, Jack Dorsey.

The last Tweet from Yoshida-san was 2 hours ago before his account was taken over. Sony hasn’t shared an official statement regarding this situation.

We’ll have more for you as soon as the story further develops.

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