Master Shapeshifting Powers in Shaman: Spirithunter


Unleash your true nature in stunning VR adventure Shaman: Spirithunter

Playsnak brings its story-driven VR debut Shaman: Spirithunter to Oculus Rift in 2018


Master shapeshifting powers and break the curse of eternal winter in Shaman: Spirithunter—a captivating VR adventure coming to Oculus Rift in 2018.


Created by Berlin-based developer Playsnak, Shaman: Spirithunter casts you as a fledgling shaman whose people are wiped out when winter grips the land and never departs. Only by levelling-up your abilities and becoming the ultimate hunter can you uncover the truth behind nature’s deadly imbalance and restore harmony.


As you traverse snow-bound environments, you’ll solve challenging environmental puzzles and hunt depraved spirits using a combination of stealth and skill. Along the way, you’ll discover your greatest gift lies in the ability to shapeshift and take the form of wild animals—each one offering creative ways to overcome the world around you. The more your shaman powers grow the more creatures you’ll transform into, placing all their strength, agility and instincts at your command.


Master Shapeshifting Powers in Shaman: Spirithunter - #GTUSA 2


Fully capitalizing on the power of Oculus Rift and its Touch controllers, Shaman: Spirithunter invites you to truly become one with your surroundings. Take center stage in stunning cut-scenes, witness haunting visions of your fallen tribe, and feel a new level of immersion as Touch replicates the motions of your hands and forearms 1:1 in-game. Stalking your prey and mastering a virtual bow and arrow never felt so real.


The game also introduces an innovative camera system that offers a whole new perspective in VR. You’ll track your foes from a third-person point of view, take down corrupted spirits with your bow and arrow in classic first-person, and explore aspects of the environment through the high-angled locomotion view. Each perspective is designed to maximize presence and give you the level of control you need for every moment of gameplay.

Shaman: Spirithunter’s Game Director, Martin L’Heureux, said: “We set out to create a game that blends immersive storytelling with innovative ideas. VR gives us the ability to explore largely uncharted territory, and Shaman: Spirithunter shows not only the team’s development know-how, but also—we hope—our desire to take players somewhere they’ve never been before. We look forward to bringing Shaman: Spirithunter to Oculus Rift first, and to exploring the potential of other VR platforms in the future.”


The team at Playsnak includes former Crytek veterans who played a major part in shaping some of the most notable VR experiences to date, including The Climb – the top-selling VR game on Oculus Rift – and Robinson: The Journey, a sci-fi adventure praised for its unique setting and immersive storytelling.
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About Shaman: Spirithunter

When a fledgling shaman returns from a vision quest and discovers his tribe has been ravaged by an unending winter, he alone can uncover what is causing nature’s deadly imbalance. As he embarks on his journey, visions sent from his fallen people will lead him to the truth about winter’s curse – but only by growing his powers as a shaman, hunter, and shapeshifter will he be able to finally break it.

  • Master powerful shapeshifting abilities.
  • Switch into multiple animal forms to explore new territory, solve puzzles and overcome enemies.
  • Immerse yourself in a stunning cinematic adventure, where you alone can break the curse of eternal winter.
  • Be one with nature – track your prey, move in the shadows and make stealth your greatest strength.
  • Discover an innovative camera system with three points of view optimized for every moment of gameplay.
  • Feel closer to the action – realistic in-game hands and arms mirror your movements with total accuracy.
  • Solve challenging environmental puzzles that truly put your problem-solving skills to the test.
    Uncover rare collectibles that reveal more of the story through beautiful cutscenes.


Master Shapeshifting Powers in Shaman: Spirithunter - #GTUSA 3


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