Shadow Of Moses Being Remade Into Virtual Museum


Fan Legacy: Metal Gear Solid

Back in January we did an article about the Metal Gear Solid fan-made remake in HD titled Shadow of Moses. My exact words were,”The odds of this remake becoming a reality are slim to none. But GameTraders USA supports their efforts”.

Vid Source - iRam Gamer

Last month the creators of Shadows of Moses announced that they were stopping their development. This was sad news to many fans as many had pretty high hopes for this HD remake. Now it would seem that they totally haven’t scrapped the project just yet. As you can see in the above video, Fan Legacy: Metal Gear Solid will be more like a tribute game where you can explore the environments, much like a virtual museum of sorts. The devs are even asking fans for cosplay and art pics to add to the mix. It might not be the Metal Gear Solid HD remake that fans were expecting, but it is something that fans of the game series are sure to appreciate.

Shadow Of Moses Being Remade Into Virtual Museum - #GTUSA 2

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