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Savage Resurrection -The rebirth of the classic action FPS/ RTS hybrid is here! Experience fast-paced combat and cunning strategic gameplay in glorious Unreal 4 environments. Engage in epic 12v12 front-line combat, or take Command to outplay and outmaneuver your team’s way to victory.

Savage is a multiplayer-only game with a competitive focus. Combat includes both melee and shooter aspects, and should challenge even seasoned gamers. Servers are currently located in the US and EU, with more planned.

Vid Source - SavRez YouTube
  • Secure strategic resources and positions
  • Craft and expand your team’s buildings and structures
  • Research and acquire new weapons and items, to gain the upper hand in combat
  • Crush your opponents with mighty siege weapons, sneaky sabotage, or by strangling their economy

At Early Access launch the game has the following features:

  • Complete Savage 1 gameplay – the game is fully playable
  • 12v12 Casual matches, including quick-match
  • 7v7 Competitive matches
  • Stats and Leaderboards
  • Cosmetic Items + Steam Drops
  • 4 Maps
  • Most likely occasional hilarious and/or frustrating bugs

During Early Access we plan to:

  • Work with the community to improve and expand our core gameplay*
  • Enable competitive rating and ranking
  • Add Bots! You can sharpen your skills in practice matches, or they can fill missing player or commander slots in Casual matches
  • Expand our Map offerings
  • Create new, fun, game modes
  • Create new features, as requested by the community
  • Polish and tweak art and interfaces
  • Create desirable cosmetic items

*We decided the best way to create the optimal modern Savage experience was to take Savage 1 as our starting point, then continue developing the game in concert with our community through the Early Access program and beyond.

Our continuing development is funded largely by cosmetic item purchases: there is no persistent power progression system, there are no paid upgrades or boosts. This is a competitive game: there will be no Pay2Win.

Early Access Bonus

Bonus includes:

  • 4 old-school weapon skins
  • Account icon flair
  • Taunt, and taunt image
  • 1 cosmetic crate key

Digital Deluxe Edition

Exclusive bonuses include:

  • 3 gold weapon skins
  • 3 cosmetic crate keys
  • Unique in-game vanity effect
  • Soundtrack
  • Account icon flair
  • Taunt, and Taunt Image

Check Out Savage Resurrection Here

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