Samsung Bixby will be the Galaxy S8 new virtual assistant


Samsung has accidentally confirmed on its website that it plans to not only launch a standalone online payment platform dubbed Samsung Pay Mini but will also be providing its long-rumored digital assistant Bixby with the facility process payments as part of the next Samsung Pay Beta build.

Selecting the menu bar in the updated Pay Beta build showed two new options available on the platform: Mini and Bixby. While Samsung has since removed the options, SamMobile managed to grab a screenshot before they were taken off.



While it’s unclear as of yet exactly how Bixby, the AI assistant, will integrate with Samsung Pay Mini, it seems reasonable to assume that it will allow you to make payments via your voice. And the “Mini” version of the payment platform may allow customers to make transactions via Samsung Pay, even if they’re not using a Samsung device. Whereas Samsung Pay has previously been available only on its own phones, the stripped-down version of the app just might be found on other handsets as well.

With no news on when this new version of Samsung Pay will actually be released, the best bet is for it to debut alongside the Samsung Galaxy S8. The next flagship phone is widely anticipated to come out at the scheduled unpacked event happening before the Mobile World Congress next month.

Production will reportedly go full steam by March, meaning the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will likely become available starting April. While it seems like a delay on the part of the Korean giant, the said month is actually the usual time when new flagships are delivered to customers. Such is the case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S5 as reported by Forbes.

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