rumored nx console controller fake


You guys remember that possible nx controller we posted about well its confirmed fake by the guy who set it up. There will be a video showing some of how he made it etc at the bottom. But Will talk I little bit on how relived I am about this.

I am somewhat of a Nintendo fan boy. So when I heard about this I hoped it was fake and intend would be not be so dumb to do something like that. They have made some bad controller decisions but this would have been the worst.

Now I somewhat expected this would be fake. Because Nintendo is trying to get 3rd party games now and that would be a drastic move. I doubt any 3rd party games could have been played on it. So that’s one of the reasons I thought it might be fake.
The other red alarm for me was no screen was turned on. That would be a most for someone to do. Another thing were the labels on the side. Nintendo would have put a detailed symbol on per company that got it. So if a leak happened they would know whose fault it was.

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