Rookery’s Retro Review: Um Jammer Lammy (Playstation 1)


Um Jammer Lammy

Overall Score: 5 (of 5), play like Jimi Hendrix with just a little practice, speed, and timing.

Story:  Okay, so maybe you weren’t born a rock star, but you know what, who was?  Being a legend doesn’t mean some magical genetic trait that automatically makes you the world’s greatest rocker, but…


you’ve got a job to do and by golly there are people in the world who are looking at you to do it!  You could throw you hands up in the air and say, “Forget it!  I can’t do this” or you can buck up and give the people what they want.  There are various characters along the way who will help you in a call-and-response musical style, the songs are already in your head, so all you have to do is train your hands to do the right thing at the right time.  Voila!  You’re jammin’ with the band, playing licks you never dreamed of, going places you’ve never been.  If you really nail it, you’re soaring into an improvised solo odyssey the likes Homer had never written in Greek Mythology!


Highlights: While the story doesn’t entirely make much sense, you do get a great variety of tunes to play with including some funk, metal, classic rock, and some odd-vocal pop.  Short, furious fun.  Humorous, goofy, and some catchy tunes that are likely to stay with you the rest of your life.


Lowlights: No two-player and not altogether exciting to watch as a spectator…even a bit nerve-wracking with the misses or wrong notes.  Frustrating and seemingly impossible at times, but actually possible.  This is a light rhythm game without regard for music afficianados or hard-core DDR free style dancers.

Similar Style Games:  PaRappa The Rapper (PlayStation 4, PlayStation, PlayStation Portable), Dance Dance Revolution (Multi-Platform).  A shame they didn’t have a PaRappa & Lammy Duet game (like Aerosmith & Run-DMC or Onyx & Biohazard)…


Final Thought:  The game air guitar playing PaRappa fans have been dreaming of.  Jump in and jam fun with replayability for as long as you’d like to hear any one of the songs just one more time.

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