Rookery’s Retro Review: Trojan (Nintendo Entertainment System)


Overall Score: 4 (of 5), medieval swordsmanship in the urban future!

Story: With fiery red hair, blue armor, a sword & shield, you’re tasked with taking down mobs of mace-wielding thugs, pesky ranged fighters, bizarre lieutenants, and a powerful king  named Achilles in this NES classic: Trojan. Given the Greek names, perhaps the setting is a post-apocalyptic Athens in six stages including the city, a mountainside, an underground, and an evil lair.  Your skills are blocking with a shield, deflecting projectiles with your blade, jumping, ducking and sword striking down foes.  Occasionally in Trojan the ability to pick up a boot that allows you an amazingly high jump becomes available.  By all means try to do so since this ensures no enemy is out of reach.  Exercise all the combinations possible, they’ll be needed in the big fights.

TrojanAlthough the controls can be a little frustratingly sluggish (especially with jumping), the overall playability of Trojan is more solid & enjoyable than the arcade.  There’s a good bit of challenge to completing the game without becoming overwhelmingly difficult.  Perhaps the most gratifying part of the game is its finish.  Capcom does not disappoint, but instead of flying away from an exploding island, there’s a conclusion to the story and a chance to ‘meet the cast’ of characters in the game as a ditty plays.

Highlights: Quick action, challenging stages/bosses, good variability for replay value.

Lowlights: Jumping and responsiveness at times, no saves, overall a short game.

Similar Style Games: Kung-Fu Master, Rush’N Attack, Ghosts’N Goblins, Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden

Final Thought:  An often overlooked, underrated hack and slash classic.

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