Rookery’s Retro Review: Mobile Light Force (Playstation 1)



Overall Score: 4 (of 5), Couch Co-op to fill the screen with verticle shooter-ness!

Story: From the front cover, looks like Charlie’s Angels have a job to wear leather, sprint, and fire ballistic weapons at mechas. From the back, more like a more modernized Xevious. Hmm…so, which is it? Case says “keep your enemies from…discovering the mirror?” Apparently vanity brings out the worst in foes? Or, maybe they go into a fit of rage at the displeasing image. So many questions, but I saw it was 2 player cooperative, so I gave it a try with my gaming buddy.

No Angels, leather or conventional weaponry, but certainly a lot of robotic tanks, planes and other craft on the screen. Power-ups aplenty to throw all kinds of shots across the screen, it’s a fairly fast paced good time! Players can drop in or out, there doesn’t seem to be a limit to lives. Larger foes appear from time to time to concentrate fire on, then on to the next scene. At one point, the scene began to look familiar…were we back at the beginning? Why yes, yes we were, I guess we flipped it in little time. I didn’t recall seeing one big boss, but maybe we barrelled through it too quickly to notice.

Highlights: Flipping the game, fun, quick, arcade-style shoot’em up with a friend.

Lowlights: No major boss fights, repetition, lack of story, no levels or progression, overall short.

Similar Style Games: Xevious, 1943, and the like

Final Thought: Great little romp that’s worth blasting through once every few months.