Rookery’s Retro Review: Fast Food (Atari 2600)


Overall Score: 5 (of 5), eat everything thrown at you! (except eggplant)


Story:  As a disembodied mouth floating through the darkness, you have but one mission: eat delicious food flying fast for points.  Pizza, burgers, soda, icecream, take a tip from Wierd Al and just eat it.  Finish the level to be given the honorary praise, “You’re Getting Fatter!”.  Here’s the kicker, purple…somethings…give you gas.  The game calls them pickles, but being that I’ve never seen a purple pickle, I’ll call them eggplants.  Eat too many, you’ll kick up the hilarious game-ending text, “BURP!”


Highlights: Quick action, responsive controls, easy to play, high replay value.

Lowlights: The ‘mouth’ looks and moves a little bizarre, like two purplish inch-worms doing a crawl while immitating Andy Warhol’s Rolling Stone logo:


Similar Style Games: Kaboom, Coconuts, Food Fight

Final Thought:  Uncommon and unknown game that not only is a laugh riot, it’s fun challenge for friends & family at your next gathering.  A ‘must-have’ for Atari 2600 gamers.

Know a classic game you’d like to see reviewed?  Leave a comment or send a message.  If I have it & played it enough, I can do my best to write one up!


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