Rookery’s Retro Review: Double Dribble (Nintendo Entertainment System)


Overall Score: 5 (of 5), steal, shoot, slam!


Story:  “Double Gerbil!” or “Double Dwibble!” as my friends & I used to say along with the automated game speech when the game turned on.  Build a competitive game that’s fun, then make it basketball themed.  Add fast-paced action, simple controls and by the grace of heaven, make it two player!  Frantically pound the controls to get the ball, then calmly set up, pass and score when you do.  Timing is everything.

Highlights: Pop-in and play quick action that’s gratifying fun.  Nice stop-animation for slam dunks that may or may not go in.  Excellent computer A.I. for increasing difficulty when playing solo.adunk

Lowlights: Not for basketball purists who like things such as player stats, details, rules, and strategy.  For example, the only difference between teams is the color of the uniforms.  Heavily dependent on stealing and despite the name, there’s no Double Dribbling penalty.  What’s up with that?  Can be a little frustrating for guests the first time they play, but the learning curve is short.

Similar Style Games:  Blades of Steel, Ice Hockey, Basketball (Atari 2600), Tennis (Atari 2600)

Final Thought: Great game for non-sports fans and for having a friend over.

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