Rookery’s Retro Review: Champions of Norrath (Playstation 2)


Overall Score: 4 (of 5), crawl through dungeons, slog through countless foes outdoors, kill big bosses, complete quests, rescue Firiona Vie, save all of Norrath!


Story:  Norrath is in crisis (again), there’s some big players at war.  The god of hate Innoruuk is winning, are you going to put up with that?  Team up for couch co-operative gameplay with friends or go it alone in a game much like Dark Alliance: Baldur’s Gate but with a classic Everquest twist.  Advance in levels, get cool gear, augment them with special abilities like frost, shock and fire.


Highlights: Unlike the first online incarnation of the game, this version of Everquest understands that there should be actual quests in their game.  Smooth interface, up to four players on one screen, interesting classes with different branches of abilities.  It’s straight-up fun, a bit of team work and a touch of light humour.

Lowlights: The story is a bit disjointed, so much so my wife who is an avid EQ fan was frustrated by the quirky cut-scene style & ending to the game, especially since she was weighed down with gear she couldn’t yet wear even after we’d finished.  Shooting a bow or throwing a spear isn’t easy.  Various ‘sticking points’ where it’s difficult to figure out what to do next without a walk through or Youtube video.

Similar Style Games:  Dark Alliance: Baldur’s Gate, Dungeon Siege, Gauntlet Legends

Final Thought: A ‘must have’ for Playstation 2 as well as those who enjoy dungeon crawlers with friends.

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