Rocket League Blasting Onto Xbox One


With all of the Holiday post’s mixed with all the hustle and bustle, I almost forgot to create a post for this addition to the XB1 library.

Rocket League originally launched on the PS4 and PC this July, which was welcomed with open arms. Developer Psyonix teased us by saying this game would be available on additional platforms by the end of this year. Then we had reports last week the game was spotted with an online rating for Xbox One.

At The Gaming Awards Psyonix finally confirmed that Rocket League will be coming to the Xbox One. Its scheduled to launch in February 2016 with new Halo and Gears of War themed cars.

Rocket League has been very well received on PS4 and on PC. So if your an exclusive XB1 player, this should be outstanding news. It may have showed up a little late to the races, but now we’re ready for lift off.

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