Ride The Musical Waves In Vinyl Today On Steam


Vinyl is a dynamic indie music game created by graduate students at the University of Utah EAE program, that experiments with the aesthetic distance between gameplay and music.

Every Song is Unique:
– Load your own music.
– Your music procedurally generates the world…
– The way you play changes the music!
– Pick a music genre and let Vinyl remix your song how you choose.

Arcade Styled Runner:
– Dodge all of the obstacles to see your music in vibrant neon synesthesia.
– Make mistakes and your music will be taken back in time.
– Rewind to undo your mistakes, and your score.
– Collect audio filters to manipulate your music even more, and score more points!
– Too easy to dodge obstacles? Boost to increase your multiplier and gain the ultimate score!

Score Attack:
– Use all of your abilities to rack up points.
– Challenge the online leaderboards.
– Enter your initials to claim the number one spot!

Vinyl: Play Your Music

Get Vinyl On Steam Here


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