Rhythmic Bullet Hell “Beats of Fury” Coming To Steam Greenlight


Monday, October 10th, 2016— Bubble Head Games is proud to announce the Steam Greenlight launch for Beats of Fury, a perfect mix of Rhythm Game and Bullet Hell, set to be launched October 10th, 2016, along with a brand new Greenlight Launch trailer.

Launching with 13 tracks across 13 levels, Beats of Fury promises to be the rave of the indie game scene. The main genres of music are Electronic and Rock that are broken down into several sub-genres. The beautifully crafted soundtrack includes music brought in by 5 separate artists across the globe, featuring Electronic, Trap, House, EDM, Dubstep, Post-Rock, and Metal.

The game will have a Story Mode, following the adventure of two brothers: Rock and Electronic, as they take on the forces of evil, the Beats of Fury. In addition to the story is Endless Mode, which unlocks after players finish Story Mode, allowing players to keep rocking the game until their fingers bleed for high scores on the Beats of Fury leaderboards.

Beats of Fury is playable with Mouse and Keyboard, Keyboard only, or with an Xbox controller. Taking cues from other rhythm games, BoF mixes the Rhythmic genre with top-down shooter in melodic chaos that can only be achieved with perfect timing and a happy trigger finger.

Beats of Fury Steam Greenlight Page:

Beats of Fury Greenlight Launch Trailer:

Beats of Fury First Level Gameplay Video:

Beats of Fury has won two awards this year:

  • Best Audio Game – Casual Connect Europe 2016
  • Audience Choice Award – Run Double Jump 2016


  • A remix of Bullet Hell and Rhythm genres bring melodic chaos to Steam
  • Stunning audio visualization at its finest
  • 13 beautifully compiled musical tracks, spreading across two music genres
    • Rock music includes Post-Rock and Metal
    • Electronic music includes EDM, Dubstep, Trap, and House
  • Story Mode includes 13 levels across each song
  • Endless Mode shuffles the songs and includes a leaderboard and high scores
  • Multiple ways to play: Xbox Controller, Mouse and Keyboard, or just Keyboard

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About Bubble Head Games

Bubble Head Games, currently, consists of three main members, led by the Lead Game Designer, Aly Ameen out of Egypt. Working with each other, across 3 continents, Bubble Head Games hopes to bring a new feel to the Rhythm genre with Beats of Fury. Prior self-published releases include Cubicity (PC/Steam) and Professional $tealer (Xbox 360).


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