Review of Lost Dimension



Hello I’m back again. And thanks for joining me on my second review. This time I’m reviewing an interesting a jrpg that I stumbled into, called Lost Dimension.

Story 7/10

The story of the game is intriguing. A mysterious tower appears out of nowhere, and countless cities are damaged. A mysterious man appears on it, called The End. He gives the world a challenge. He’s got nukes armed and aimed at the capitals of the world and he’s giving them thirteen days to climb the tower and stop him.


You are one of the eleven psychics with supernatural abilities who manage to make it inside. Entering had a cost though, your memories were tampered with. There are traitors amongst you and you need to figure out who they are, before advancing to the next floor. As you go from floor to floor, you need to vote someone “off”. They get erased and if you haven’t figured out the traitor, then there might be more with you than you think.


That’s a bit where one of my problems lie. You see, since anyone can be a traitor, through the actual story (Not the side conversations you can do) there’s not much personality in them. Also after someone is erased, they never speak that persons name again and just talk about how they feel bad they just got someone erased.





Gameplay 5/10


I want to give this a higher number, I really do, but it has a few annoyances that I want to get out of the way first. As soon as you start a mission, you’ll have some serious lag for roughly ten seconds. Once done with that, it runs smoothly, unless you use a move that hits a decent group of targets (either healing or damage) it’ll lag some more. There’s also some bugs with after specific missions it might black screen and not come back. You’ll lose the mission and have to turn the ps3 off and start the mission over.


I personally never experienced it, but I’ve heard that there’s a glitch where you don’t get your NG+ money or Gift Experience (GE which you use in the skill tree to get skills).


Now the actual gameplay, is really fun. It’s turn based and tactical based where you move your units around (Not on a grid but in an area of movement). Skills take both Gift Points and Sanity. Once you lose your sanity, your character will go berserk and you’ll lose control of your character and they will attack every anything, including fellow teammates. After a few turns they’ll get better.


You also need to be trying to figure out who the traitor is. You’ll need to swap your teammates out between battles to figure that out. After battle you’ll hear your parties thoughts. There will be a three suspicious people per floor. Every time you complete a main mission you’ll gain a vision point. You use them to delve into the minds of your comrades to figure out truly if the people who are suspious are the tratior or not. Just because you cleared them on one floor, doesn’t mean they won’t be the traitor on the next floor.




Graphics 6/10


I don’t really have much to say here, they’re standard three-dimensional JRPG graphics.


Final Comment and Review: Honestly, I would recommend the game if you can manage to get past the flaws that I’ve stated above. The game doesn’t have a patch (or at least didn’t to the day that this review is published) so they are all in the game at this point. Final Review 6/10.


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