Retro Gaming | Nostalgia and Sadness



Many gamers of yester-year have continued progressing in the gaming community. We have moved forward with the times and upgraded systems many times in the last 20 years.

While we have continued to evolve with these changing times. Most of us have left our old games in the past (retro gamers not included) this has left a sense of amazement to these games because we only remember what there were like to our young minds.

After some time you may want to go back to these games and dive into them again with that sense of wonder and fascination that you had at the time you originally played them. The question is, will you find wonder or disappointment.

Not including timeless games such as Mario, Sonic and Metriod. Lets dive into some of the other titles of the day. Many games after the SNES and pre PS3 are a blur to many. There were fast paced games that bombed your mind with awesome and then you moved on.

I recently dove into some of my classic games and found a sudden disappointment. I didn’t even go that far back, I decided to spin up Morrowwind on the Xbox. Within 5 minutes of walking off the boat I was sad. The graphics were horrid the control response was so sour it wasn’t worth playing.


This depressed me greatly, Morrowwind was my first step into the Elder Scrolls series, it made me a huge fan when I picked it up for the first time as a kid.

However, in the reverse, playing games such as Mario All-Star, Mario RPG, Barts Nightmare and my personal favorite Chrono Trigger.


These games for some reason seem timeless. I still enjoy wasting hours hopping on blocks and kicking Koopas off ledges and traveling through time to save the world. There seems to be a fine line for me and others, to Nostalgia of retro games and a enjoyment that the game progressed so far that we can never play the original again.


What do you think? Do you enjoy a blast from the past no matter what the game? Or are you limited to the seemingly timeless games as well? Let us know in the comments.

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