Respawn Pivots with Titanfall 2 Changes


Respawn is bringing changes to Titanfall 2, just in time for the second weekend of the tech test.

Multiplayer Game Designer, Steven DeRose, took to the Titanfall 2 blog to describe some of the changes coming to the second weekend of the tech test. DeRose’s blog post also puts fans in the heads of the developers, giving us insight into why they made some of their previous changes.

Some major changes coming to Titanfall 2 include:

  • Faster air speed and well-running speed for pilots
  • Better speed retention and accumulation for chaining wall-runs together
  • Pilots gain titan meter over time (much like Titanfall’s timer)
  • Titan dashes recharge faster
  • Toning down weapon damage dealt to titans
  • Enemy outlines won’t appear at extreme distances

All changes will be present for the second week of the Titanfall 2 tech test.

One of the major complaints coming out of the first weekend was how underpowered titans were without energy shields. Derose states that the issue with titans is a tough one to address. He states that energy shields were dropped in favor of the battery life system to encourage teamwork. Derose believes once players have access to all other titans, they will come around to the battery life system.

Last week, fans flocked to social media to voice their concerns about the many changes Respawn implemented for their sequel. Many complaints stemmed from a lack of titans, and the game feeling much slower in comparison to its predecessor. Fans worry that the current product feels more generic, and less like Titanfall. Some are worried to the point of calling for the game to be delayed.

At the conclusion of the tech test, Titanfall 2 will be exactly two months away from release. Fans will hold their breathe for the next two months as they await Titanfall 2’s release on Oct. 28.

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