Resident Evil VII demo is coming to Xbox One & PC soon


“Resident Evil 7: Biohazard” is set for a January 24 release date, and with that, Capcom is rolling out as much marketing as they can. They’ve recently unveiled the super awesome Collector’s Edition of the game with exclusive items. The latest news surrounding the upcoming survival horror video game is that the “Beginning Hour” demo has a massive new update called “Midnight.” which was launched over the weekend on PlayStation 4 (Compatible with PS VR). It’s coming to Xbox One and PC later this month.

It’ll launch on Xbox one on December 9, while PC players can try it out beginning on December 19, Capcom announced on its blog.

According to Capcom Unity, the studio is taking the next couple of weeks to further optimize the game in order “to ensure an awesome experience for our PC fans.” There are a number of visual settings that players can play with including Dynamic Shadows, Volumetric Lighting Quality, Subsurface Scattering, Mesh Quality, Texture Filtering, and more.

Apart from this, the studio has launched a TAPE-3 trailer which can be seen attached below. There are a ton of details shown in the newly released trailer so make sure to check it out and share your impressions with us.

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