REPLAY : VHS is not dead – Out Now On Wii U


REPLAY is a platform game in which you manipulate time.

REPLAY: VHS IS NOT DEAD is a platform game in which you control time in a brand new way. Control up to 5 different characters and synchronize their actions to complete each level.

Take on the role of film director and travel through several humorous movies in REPLAY: VHS IS NOT DEAD!

Each level is full of surprises and will have you racking your brains. Are you ready? Then… Silence on the set… Camera… Action!

Vid Source - rif raff
  • Accessible gameplay: In REPLAY: VHS IS NOT DEAD, you cannot lose. Don’t like a scene? Cut! Take two!
  • Game duration: Over 70 levels in 4 different film universes, medals, costumes, hidden keys…
  • Retro look: 80s-style artwork and a soundtrack worthy of the great Hollywood classics.


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