Recently Released Free Steam Games #5


We’re back again with the 4th week of our Recently Released Free Steam Games lists. As always Steam has many cool free games that are worth checking out. We try to make it easier to check them out by collecting all of the info you need all in 1 post. You can find a link to the original source page for every game under the descriptions. Please let us know what games you like, or dislike in the comment section below the article.


#1. Let Hawaii Happen VR

Video Source – Game Trailers

Visiting Hawaii as a tourist is amazing. But when you get to “Let Hawaii Happen” with a local as your guide, it’s a totally different experience. Start by paragliding into an island of your choice. Then, upon landing, a local will give you the most personal tour of their island — virtually-speaking.

This Game Got Positive Reviews.
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#2. The Puppet Master

Free Steam Games #5 - #GTUSA 1


A puzzle game bound to test your ability to think out of the box.

Deadly rotating blades. Bottomless ditches of death. And a demented woman with an unfortunate affinity for bad puns at the most inappropriate times gunning for your death. As if that wasn’t bad enough, your soul has been trapped in a doll courtesy of the aforementioned 3-in-1 mind games playing, cold blooded killing machine, and psycho-lunatic of a lady.

The Puppet Master is a puzzle game that is bound to test your ability to think out of the box. While being severely limited in many aspects by the fact that you’re imprisoned in half a pound of cotton and felt made into the vague likeness of a human being, you are otherwise granted the Hogwarts worthy ability to transfer your soul into the bodies of other puppets around you. A skill that, if used well, just might save your life.

An exhaustive amount of meticulous planning and perfectly timed executions are vital in the survival of the game. Carefully take note of your surroundings, and you might even outsmart the puppet master and get your body back. It’s a game of control or be controlled.

This Game Got Positive Reviews.
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#3. Awkward Dimensions Redux

Video Source – Steven Harmon

Interactive Dream Journal & Diary; Awkward Dimensions Redux is a personal game. Lasts 20 minutes to an hour with less traditional interaction. Focuses on getting to understand another person through an interpretation of their dreams, thoughts, fears, desires, and past work. It’s a game about conversing with roosters, disembodied legs, standardized tests, Immature jokes, relationships, art, espionage, and a teenager coming to terms with life and growing up.


  • Diverse dreamscapes
  • Fantastic soundtrack with music from Clawfoot Slumber, Halina Heron, American Grandma, Pablo Garduno, Dong Lee, Steven Hamon, and Franz Liszt
  • FMV segments
  • A multitude of doors

This Game Got Very Positive Reviews.
Get Awkward Dimensions Redux Here Free.


#4. Off-Peak

Video Source – Archie Pelago

You’re stranded at a cathedral-like train station in the near future, searching for a ticket out of town. Explore the secret passageways, interact with strangers, dig for records, and get hypnotized by the soundtrack – a batch of original music courtesy of the band, Archie Pelago.

Welcome to Off-Peak, a game created by Archie Pelago cellist Cosmo D.

In the game, players will uncover a world where the fate of it’s musicians and artists is unclear, yet their tools of the trade are highly prized. Meanwhile, the station itself provides all the comforts a commuter could ask for: great food, the best beer, entertaining board games, relaxing gardens. But who is really benefiting here? It is entirely up to the player to what degree they want to engage in and interpret Off-Peak’s stories, characters and themes.

This Game Got Positive Reviews.
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#5. WAR7

Free Steam Games #5 - #GTUSA 2


WAR7 is a 3D Multiplayer Online action Shooter.
Singleplayer is also supported and, as Multiplayer, have different game modes such as Tournament, Challenges, Survival, Control, Teams and more!
You can customize your weapons and your character, also tons of unlockables are availlable. The possibilities are endless!

What are you waiting for? Let’s jump in a match and make a mess!
The complete version is availlable for free.

This Game Got Mostly Negative Reviews.
Get WAR7 Here Free.


#6. Drift GEAR Racing Free

Free Steam Games #5 - #GTUSA 3


Drift and race against competitors – online leaderboard will show you who is the best drifter. Drift GEAR Racing Free includes:

1) The physics engine of Drift Gear has been built from the ground
2) Manual or Automatic gear box
3) Playable with joystick
4) Select your car and skill level
5) 4 different challenges
6) Internet based online leaderboard

Drift Gear in on the developing stage and created by a small indie game studio. Play it FREE and give us a feedback – it will help us to improve existing gameplay and physics. If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to write us.

This Game Got Mostly Negative Reviews.
Get Drift Gear: Racing Free Here Free.


#7. Plenty: Skyhearth

Video Source – Tiny Lions

Welcome to Plenty: Skyhearth

The first chapter of our story.

The objective here is simple. You are here to kill as many birds as you can with your bow and your HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. There are prizes to be won, leaderboards and achievements, and upcoming virtual reality archery tournaments. And sometimes, things aren’t always as they seem.

Beat the high scores of your friends and the devs at Tiny Lions for fame and fortune! Our archery mechanic is simple and intuitive. The bow uses the movements of your head and your natural point of focus to aim, and is consistent on both the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. Unlock mysteries and discover secrets in Skyhearth, the first glimpse into the larger world of Plenty and, perhaps, other worlds as well.

This Game Got Mixed Reviews.
Get Plenty: Skyheart Here Free.


#8. Astral Heroes

Video Source – Astral Heroes

Astral Heroes is a Collectible Card Game that’s simple to learn, exciting to play, and deep enough to challenge even the greatest strategists. It’s the spiritual sequel to our older game, Astral Masters, which still enjoys a loyal following over ten years after its release!

Astral Heroes uses a truly fair Free-­to-­Play model that never hides the best content behind “pay walls”. There’s nothing in the game that you can’t have for free, and you won’t need to grind for months to build a competitive deck.

Why choose Astral Heroes?

  • Fast-paced and simple core gameplay
  • 3 different game modes
    • Custom Decks: Construct and play a deck of your own personal design
    • Random Decks: Improvise a strategy on the fly with a deck of random cards
    • Draft Tournament: Draft the cards you need before your opponents snatch them!
  • A deep library of well­balanced creatures and spells
  • No “junk” – every card in the game can be powerful in the right hands
  • A global Online League – match wits with players from all around the world
  • Guilds – team up with other players to earn extra bonuses and access special cards
  • Sophisticated and merciless AI opponents that will test your mettle
  • A rich single­player campaign, available for free to every player

This Game Got Mostly Positive Reviews.
Get Astral Heroes Here Free.


#9. Climbtime

Free Steam Games #5 - #GTUSA 4


Gamepad recommended.

Game goals/modes

The game currently has two modes

  • time attack – try to set your best time for getting from the start to the end of the level(default mode)
  • crystal hunt – collect 10 crystals placed in the level(see page notes on starting crystal hunt mode)

Time Attack

Start the game at the bottom and jump/run up the blocks and walls and land on top of the top(or farthest)-most block(which flashes from white to black with a spinning blue crystal over its top) of the tower in as short a time as possible. Falling into the water resets the level timer and returns the player to the last point at which they were fully stopped(fully stop if you want to create a checkpoint). Pressing the gamepad back button or keyboard F2 will restart the level regenerating any level pickups.

Steam leaderboards are currently supported for the first 30 levels.

This Game Got Positive Reviews.
Get Climbtime Here Free.


#10. AdventureQuest 3D

Video Source – mmohdtv

AdventureQuest 3D is an inspired re-imagining of the original 2D flash web browser games. BATTLE ON!

A true cross-platform massively multiplayer game that allows you to play your character, on the same world as your friends, from your PC, Mac, Android, and Apple iOS devices.

Set in the most dangerous era of AdventureQuest’s timeline, the world has come under attack by a mysterious new threat. Answer the call and travel to the legendary town of Battleon where you will discover unusual characters, incredible adventures, \horrifying puns, and a world story line so big that you will have to help us write it as we go… did we mention regular updates?

This Game Got Mixed Reviews.
Get AdventureQuest 3D Here Free.


#11. The Infinite Black

Video Source – Spellbook Studio

Fleet up with thousands of players in The Infinite Black — The wildly popular online space combat and adventure game for desktop and mobile devices!

Command massive spaceships, form powerful corporations, and battle it out in never-ending intergalactic warfare!

Hunt bounties, fight aliens, loot treasure, earn achievements, and customize ships with thousands of items!

Global cross-platform servers connect friends and enemies from around the world! Play the same character from any device with anyone else on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS!

There is no cost to play and no marketing tricks: No DRM, no DLC, no subscriptions, no account limitations, no time restrictions, no selling your personal info. We don’t even ask for an email address.

The Infinite Black is truly free and does not require any purchase to experience the FULL game!

This Game Got Mostly Positive Reviews.
Get The Infinite Black Here Free.


#12. Crush Crush

Video Source – Sad Panda Studios

Hey hot stuff! Are you looking for a fun and flirty game to kill some time and make you laugh out loud? That’s a crazy coincidence, because it’s been looking for you!

Welcome to Crush Crush – the Idle Dating Sim! Begin your quest to win the hearts of your town’s lovely ladies… after a disastrous intro or two! To do it you’ll have to build your stats, unlock amazing new jobs, and then sweep your waifu off her feet with exotic dates, the perfect gift, or maybe a tickle fight or two.

This Game Got Very Positive Reviews.
Get Crush Crush Here Free.



Video Source – KasSanity

Play with other people online! Can you become the fastest racecar?

Your racecar turns in sharp angles. It creates a trail which follows you and can be used to destroy other cars. Collect fuel to increase your score and speed.

Download now and start racing!

This Game Got Mixed Reviews.
Get Here Free.


#14. Accounting

Video Source – Crows Crows Crows

Numbers. What do they mean?

The modern field of Accountancy is a serious and honorable profession. Many human beings have spent their lives toiling over the hard science of numbers. Thousands have died so that we may get to the level of understanding that we have today. Thousands have died. However, as Accountants and Numbersmiths embraced the abacus and the calculator, today we must embrace the latest technological advancement.

This Game Got Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews.
Get Accounting Here Free.


We hope you enjoyed our 4th installment on Recently Released Free Steam Games. Please come back next week for more Steam freebies…