Rainbow Six Siege Japan DLC is called Operation Red Cross, adds a pair of operators


Ubisoft has released a new teaser for its next Rainbow Six Siege content update, which is called “Operation Red Cross.” The video is a short look at the new map, which is in Japan.

“Our fourth post-launch free map is perched high above the streets of Nagoya, Japan, set on top of The Skyscraper,” read’s the video’s description. “Get ready for pulse-pounding rappels in the hazy morning sun with Operation Red Crow!”

As seen below in the tweet from the official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account, Ubisoft instructs fans of the franchise to “stand by” for further information about the add-on. The publisher and developer has stated that more details regarding Operation Red Crow will be unveiled later this week, but the company failed to confirm an exact date.

Jon Kay, one avid gamer, has also released a gameplay video depicting “Rainbow Six Siege” Season 4 map to be very destructible. Kay was playing as a Sledge and gamers have noticed one new operator. It was wielding a shotgun which looks like an SMG secondary in a high holster.

As seen in the images below courtesy of the Reddit user known as cheesetoaster13, Rainbow Six Siege‘s two new operators are known as Echo and Hibana.




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