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Qui Domi

A game where you fight monsters under the bed to save a dying world.

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The Story

Annabelle, while wandering about her room, finds a strange visitor from another realm, bearing some bad news: Grotesque beasts are destroying the world he came from.

And if Annabelle does not defeat them, they will eventually come and do the same to Earth. She has two choices: Risk death, or be helpless against it when it comes. As she fights her way through the four biomes of the “Filiodomi”—the land of children—she will meet four survivors.

They need her help, and she needs theirs. Play and discover what secrets lie in this harsh and barren world, plagued with monstrous demons, as Annabelle battles her own along the way.


Qui Domi features adventure, puzzles, turn-based battling, and multiple endings.

Each biome is crawling with monsters. But how can Annabelle fight them off? She’s a little human girl with no special abilities. So, instead she finds the practical application for items in the toychests strewn about the landscape. Such as a slingshot, yoyo, and water balloons to name a few. Along with finding sweets like chocolate bars and bubblegum when she needs a refresher.

It also helps if she can find a friend that is willing to fight along side her…

Being made with the program RPG Maker VX Ace, each map works on a tile-based system. The player must be aware and cautious of their surroundings, as the terrain can be even more dangerous than the monsters.

When not in immediate danger, Annabelle has a chance to breathe and talk with the survivors that she meets.

Sprinkled with a few puzzles for good measure.

And always remember, your actions and choices decide the fates of the characters you meet…

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