Quantum Break Will Take Up A Lot OF Space On Your Xbox One


According to a report from WCCF Tech, Quantum Break will take up 44.09gb of space on your Xbox One hard drive. It looks like the game was removed, but not before WCCF Tech captured the image above.

44.09gb is a lot of data space, but its actually not the largest file on Xbox One. Halo 5: Guardians weighed in at over a whooping 55gb data size before updates.

The PC file size has not yet been revealed, but expected to be close to the XB1 version. The PC version will support cross-saves between the Xbone version. If you pre-order it on XB1, you will receive a free copy of the PC version.

Quantum Break is set to arrive on Xbox One and PC on April 5th. So start clearing some room on your hard drives now! you’ll need it…

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