“Punch Club” Is An Excellent Boxing Management Game


I’ve always been a big fan of boxing games going all the way back to Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, but I’ve never played a game quite like Punch Club.

Punch Club is a boxing management tycoon game, were every decision matters.

After witnessing your fathers murder right before your eyes as a child, you grow up to be a boxer looking for answers.

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I found this game to be a game of balance. You have to train, take care of your health much like the style of The Sims, work for money, and take on many social tasks.

After the first couple fights, I wasn’t sure if I could get behind a game were I wasn’t in control of the battle system. If you watched the video, you’ll see its normal to take some beat downs. You can’t win them all I guess.

I found the gameplay to be very challenging in a good way. It cost money to eat and train, so you have to work your butt off. To work and train require energy. Revitalizing your energy requires eating and sleeping. Oh yeah, did I mention you occasionally get into fights?

Punch Club - #GTUSA 1

Its really hard to maintain a proper balance. I probably should have started off on easy mode. Its definitely takes a while to get the games system down.

At first I thought I was beasting it, but instead of kicking more ass as I went, my record was drifting further towards Glass Joe status. With having to work my stats away, I just wasn’t getting any stronger, while the competition grew ever fiercer.

Punch Club - #GTUSA 2

So I didn’t do that great in the video, but that didn’t stop me from absolutely loving this game. I think I’m gonna start over on easy mode before I come back to medium settings.

I would describe Punch Club as Boxing, meets RPG, meets The Sims. Its a very clever game I highly recommend. I do advise watching the video, and learning from my mistakes. While I think its an amazing game, its is seriously challenging.

Get Punch Club On Steam Here.

Punch Club - #GTUSA 4

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