PS4 | Remote to PC



Starting 4/6 PlayStation Remote Play will be available on Mac and PC. This allows you to stream your PS4 to your computer and play away without taking up a whole TV. System Update 3.5 includes the ability to stream your PS4 on your PC or Mac. You’ll be able to plug in one DualShock 4, connect to the internet, and happily play the day away.

Remote Play is compatible with Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or later, OS X 10.10 and OS X 10.11 and we’ll be able to select resolution and frame rate options dependent on the speed of the network available. Here’s the selection of ways to play.

Resolution options: 360p, 540p, 720p
• Default resolution – 540p
• Frame rate : Standard (30fps), High (60fps)
• Default frame rate – Standard (30fps)

Along with this you will have the ability to turn on notifications for active friends or even hide you own online status. According to Sony the new ‘Online Status‘ update is for when “you want to fully concentrate on your game or watch a movie without interruption,” but to be honest we all know this is just so people can’t ask you to join them on CoD when you don’t feel like shooting at people.

Also added is a feature called ‘user scheduled events‘ which means you can plan gameplay sessions with your friends. Register for one of these and when it’s time to play, you’ll be automatically added to a Party. There is also improved social sharing where you can tag friends, the addition of broadcasting to DailyMotion, and a PlayStation Plus Hub to manage your games. To see the full list, check out the PlayStation Blog.

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