PS4 Guide: Tips and Tricks To Use Your Console


PS4 is an amazing console, no doubt. But like every piece of technology, it doesn’t come optimised especially for the user. To get the best out of your console, knowing a few tips and tricks can be pretty helpful. Whether it be something as simple as switching between apps, or getting games to access easily, it matters that you know all about this.

So, here is a quick encapsulation of some very handy PS4 tips and tricks. Take it like a not very official PS4 Guide.

How to take a Screenshot:


Taking Screenshots can be pretty useful. You want to know how to take a grab at the stuff on  your screen to authenticate your brags about your high scores in games, to report bugs and errors codes in your PS4 games, be it Destiny Marionberry or System update error, if there are any, and many even use screengrabs to make game walkthroughs and tutorials!

To take a screenshot, press the Share button for one second. A menu should pop up, and you should find the option in there. Also, screenshots can be shared directly with your friends through messaging feature in PS4 devices.

How to Upload Gaming Video to Social Media?


The last 15 mins of gameplay are automatically cached on your PS4 device’s memory. So sharing your tips, bragging about skills and high scores can be easier, and also fancier than just sharing a bunch of screenshots.

Press share button briskly and you should get the same menu as earlier. Choose to Upload the video. You may edit your video from last 15 mins if you want, right on your PS4. It’s nothing fancy, just a little trimming to get your video to come out more crisp. You can get different clips in the recording by pressing share button to start a new recording, which can then be sewn together to one presentation as per your choice. Put a title and a caption or comment, and send it to Facebook.

How to switch apps on PS4 device:

Doubletap the PS button and you should be automatically redirected to the last game, app or service you were using on the device. I find this pretty useful for when you’re attempting to try a game walkthrough from the internet. You can just switch from a youtube video you were playing to learn how to beat the boss to actually beating the boss in the game!

Buy PS games without PlayStation console:

A lot of people don’t know this, but you can in fact buy PS games without having to log into the website through a console. The Sony Entertainment Store website is just as accessible through a PC as it is through a PS4 device. This is helpful for when you want to get a game ready to play when you’re not even at home, and you can use it to gift games to your friends on their birthdays or on losing bets maybe.

Login with PSN account to the Sony Entertainment Store website. Go to the PS Plus section. Buy games virtually to your heart’s content!

Saving power and power costs with PS4:


Speaking from personal experience, the electricity costs do pile up substantially when you’re addicted to gaming. A lot of people forget to switch off the device after they’re done playing for the day, and end up being charged for energy they didn’t even know they spent. But PS4 can cut those costs to some extent for you. Here’s how.

  1. PS4 Auto switch-off/curfew. Go to Power Save in settings menu. Choose Gaming and Video Playback. Choose to switch off or standby, as is convenient to you.
  2. Reduce brightness. This is sort of a new brainer, but you’ll be amazed how much energy you can save and how long your battery can last this way. This is especially for Dualshock 4 users. Go to Settings, Devices and then to Controllers, and you should be able to find Brightness and turn it down to low.

That’s it for this short guide. I hope this helps you out.

This article was submitted by Jessica Davidson.

Author Bio: Jessica is an engineering graduate who found her passion in blogging and now is a full time blogger. She loves tech talks and thus shares her passion for writing by blogging. Apart from this, she loves reading books and travelling the world!


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