Pro-Pedophilia Alison Rapp Fired from Nintendo


So I will talk about the lady who Nintendo fired for being pro-pedophilia. I will not say her name in more than the title because it does not need to be said. This will be pretty much how I fell about this.

So she is pro-pedophilia, and supports child pornography. So first off porn is something where most people force the woman in to. So imagine if child porn was legal? Your kids would get kidnapped to be in porn. Let that sink in for a second…

Now Nintendo deserves its props for how they handled this. It’s such a kid-friendly company and they know that so they did not want her involved anymore at all.

Now below you will see somethings she tweeted that honestly makes me see red. So even in prison as pedophile you have to be put in a special cell. A lot of the times because even criminals don’t mess with kids, so anyone that does, most of the time the inmates will either beat them to a pulp or kill them. So some of the worst criminals around are even against this.Alison Rapp

Alison RappFinal summary: I know this was somewhat short, but if I keep going this article will take all day. But like I said I respect how Nintendo handled this. I hope they search her computer and there’s underage pornography so that she goes to prison to get what she deserves.

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