Pre-order the VirZOOM for $199.95


The Ultimate VR Controller

The freedom to explore experiences comfortably has arrived. All of the VirZOOM experiences are powered by you. The VirZOOM bike even folds up for easy storage. Say goodbye to your boring workout.

Pre-order HERE for $199.95

Wireless Sensors

Integrated wireless sensors track all of your movements. Speed sensors measure your pedaling speed – the faster you pedal in the real world, the faster you go in the virtual world! Action buttons on the handlebars create advanced game-play.

VirZOOM Games

Games made specifically for the VZ Controller are being continuously created and extended by our AAA team. VirZOOM uniquely recreates the feeling of being different kinds of creatures and vehicles moving comfortably through the virtual world, turning your own effort into game progress. All of the games come free with your VirZOOM controller, giving you never-ending new enjoyment from your VZ Controller. Access to advanced features such as online multiplayer, fitness tracking and schedule building are available for a low monthly subscription.

Just add VR

VirZOOM supports major VR headsets with position tracking. Lean any direction to move your way through the virtual world.

HMD’s supported: Sony PlayStationVR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

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