The Power-Up Digital Game Conference Kicks Off On 7/25/16


Power-Up Digital Games Conference

When Does It Start

July 25, 2016 (Monday) at 00:00 (Midnight) Eastern Standard Time

When Does It End

July 31st, 2016 (Sunday) at 23:59 (11:59 PM) Eastern Standard Time

Where Is It

Digitally and Virtually using Discord chat app. Specifically – THIS SERVER


“Words of Wisdom”


Zettabyte Marketing and Power Up Games is proud to announce the first ever Power-Up Digital Games Conference, hosted on the chat app Discord. It will be held July 25th to July 31st, 2016, as a 24/7 around the clock discussion and round table at THIS server.

What is the Power Up Digital Games Conference?

The Conference is to be able to educate and inspire new developers, indie developers, aspiring game testers, or anyone willing to listen to words of wisdom among the industry.

No travel, no hotels, no need to leave the house. Since it’s on Discord, you can attend via your computer or your smart phone. It’s not often you can attend a Conference in your jammies.

The entire point of the use of a digital format is to allow for anyone to drop in and drop out at their leisure, which is useful when the Conference takes place over 168 total hours. The chat app, Discord, allows for multiple discussions at once in different rooms, or even a verbal keynote speaker to talk freely, without the need to type. The point of a digital Conference is to allow anyone to join, from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day or night. Discord has a desktop app, mobile apps, and can be accessed from any browser as well, so it gives the most open and inclusive capabilities out there, no matter who, where, or what you are.

I’ve been to a lot of Conferences and Conventions and I understand that it’s difficult to get into panels and keynote speeches, and sometimes you have to sacrifice which panel to attend to see another. We will have multiple rooms open within our server to handle multiple options at once, and you can move between them easily to keep up with conversations going on within each stage.

The best part? It’s free to anyone that wants to learn. We will be attended by many Special Guests, willing to give their advice and thoughts, to bring wisdom to a new generation, such as:

  • Greg Zeschuk (Co-Founder, Bioware, “Baldur’s Gate”, “Mass Effect”)
  • Frank O’Connor (Creative Director, 343 Industries, “Halo” series)
  • Gregory MacMartin (Founder/ CEO, Interdimensional Games, “Consortium”)
  • Terry Nagy (CCO, Apogee Games, “Duke Nukem”, “Rise of the Triad”)
  • Rebecca Heineman (CEO, Olde Skuul, “The Bard’s Tale III”)
  • Renee Gittins (CEO/ Creative Director, Stumbling Cat, “Potions: A Curious Tale”)
  • Mike Mika (CCO, Other Ocean, “#IDARB”)
  • Kate Edwards (Executive Director, International Game Developers Association)
  • Oded Sharon (CEO, Corbomite Games, “Bolt Riley”)
  • Richie Bisso (President, Hyperkinetic Games, “Epic Tavern”)
  • John O’Neill (President, Spark Plug Games, “Firefly Online”)
  • Billy Joe Cain (Meta 3D Studios, Critical Mass Interactive, “Ultima Online”, “Wing Commander” Series)
  • Steven Giddings (CEO, ESportsFamily, Former CEO of Operation Supply Drop)
  • Dave Oshry (CEO/ Founder, New Blood Interactive,  “Super Galaxy Squadron EX”)
  • Rupert Meghnot (Chief Experience Officer, Burnout Game Ventures)
  • Rusel DeMaria (President, DeMaria Studio, Narrative Lead on “Starfighter, Inc.”)
  • Connor VanDyke (President, Major Games, “BiT Evolution”, “Vectromirror”)
  • Gabriel Orlandelli (Lead Designer, Major Games, “BiT Evolution”, “Vectromirror”)
  • Chris Pusczak (CEO, Symbio VR)
  • Joerg Droege AKA “Nafcom” (Journalist, Scene World Magazine)
  • David Vogt (Project Lead, The Ludicrous Ones, “The Bounty”)
  • More speakers, as well as a full schedule of events, to come soon!

On top of everything, we are also announcing the Power-Up Digital Games Conference GoFundMe! We chose 4 of our favorite charities to get donations throughout the event, which include: The IGDA Foundation (An off shoot of the International Game Developers Association that supports the developers directly), The AbleGamers Foundation (Supporting disabled gamers in many ways), Child’s Play (Supporting children’s hospitals and giving toys and games to kids in need), and Operation Supply Drop (Giving entertainment and games to American troops). Since the entire event is voluntary and free, a small portion of proceeds will also go to Zettabyte Marketing, the company responsible for organizing and hosting this event. For the details of the GoFundMe, break down of where the proceeds will go, and for you to have the ability to donate NOW, you can go to our GoFundMe page and check it out!

Trolls and bullies will be handled with a mighty ban hammer, so conversations can take place safely and freely as anyone wishes. We do NOT tolerate this kind of behavior.


Press and Media Passes

If you are with the press, you should consider signing up for a FREE Press and Media Pass HERE. Registering gives you a special Title within the server that changes the color of your username and sets you apart, but has actual utility bearing as well. Registered Press and Media get a front of the line experience with guest speakers and can even host discussions of their own. Registering for the conference also gives you special notices via e-mail for updates on the conference, as well as future conferences or updates.

  • VIP, first response Q and A capabilities with Special Guests and Featured Speakers
  • Allowance to host your own panels or discussions.
  • Up-to-date news on the PUDGC via e-mail, as well as future news.
  • Special Title, Color, and Category within the Conference server to stand out


Special Guests and Featured Speakers

If you would like to be a speaker, register as a Featured Speaker, for free. You can register HERE. If your notoriety is high, you may be placed within our Special Guests list as a bonus. Your topics can vary anywhere within the video games industry. If you would like to speak about making mods on games, designing indie mobile start ups, teach and give valued wisdom from tenure and experience, or just want to discuss a topic within gaming, send us why you want to speak, what you want to speak about, and we’ll give you a slot, if it’s within our wants.

  • Host a keynote, or several.
  • Spark up topics of discussion.
  • Allowance to host panels, discussions, keynotes, or sit back and join in others’ topics.
  • Special correspondence between Zettabyte and yourself with up to date news and any mentions within the media of your appearance.
  • Special Title, Color, and Category within the Conference server.


Registered Attendees

Finally, as the entire conference is free, you don’t HAVE to register as a participant or attendee, but it would be highly logical to (especially since it’s free to register). You get a special color and title to your name as a Registered Attendee, as well as first news and updates via e-mail both before and after the conference itself. You’ll be among the first to know when the next conference will be. Having this special color allows speakers and guests to give you a little more VIP service to answering questions as well.

  • May host a discussion, via pre-approved Host/Gatekeeper clearance. Just send a private message and ask!
  • Up-to-date news on the PUDGC via e-mail, as well as future news.
  • Special Title and Color within the Conference server.

You Can Register or See the Source Page Here