Postal 2 Review (on sale for $0.99 on Steam now)


Postal 2 Review

Today my internet went down for a few hours. So I decide to do a gameplay vid of a game in my Steam library. I’m always low on hard drive space, so I only have 3 or 4 games installed at a time usually. Postal 2 was the 1 of 3 I had installed that I felt needed a review.

Before you watch my Postal 2 Gameplay vid I must advise you that I am not a PC gamer. Steam is still very new to me. This video is documentation of the first time I’ve ever played a game with a mouse and keyboard. No I am not playing drunk. It is really hard to control a character without a controller when that is all you know.

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I just got the internet back on. I have a short deadline to get this post out. So I’m gonna try to keep the review brief. I advise you watch me suck on the gameplay video to get a good feel for the game.

The odd game starts off in a run down trailer. You are a white trash, krack-head, game developer. Your wife is nagging and demanding ice cream on your way out. The hoopty in the front yard that already has the hood up won’t start. Go figure.

So you set off on your 1st adventure to pick up your paycheck. Krack doesn’t buy itself you know! On the way you come across many odd characters. Cops are walking around everywhere. Keep your gun put away until you need it if your not looking for trouble. That’s one of the parts of the video you didn’t see.

I found navigation to be very difficult. It wasn’t because of my inexperience with the controls either. Its really hard to stay on path, and really easy to lose your bearings. I had to check the map constantly to find my way to the work place.

After I finally found my way to the first destination, my boss fired me. I was already ready to go postal at this point while an angry mob of video game protesters is storming the gate. I was unprepared for battle, but I stood my ground. Then I hit the ground.

On another try I take down the first wave. Then I give my boss what he deserves and knock him in his head until it was game over for him. I thought the coast was clear. I should have saved at this point, but didn’t. As I went back to exploring I was attacked by another wave. The protesters had the strength in numbers once again. At this point I figured the butchering had gone on long enough.

Even though I had a tough time with the controllers, I loved the short bit I played. I love weird games. My love for oddities of all sorts is a major reason I am trying to get into PC gaming. I’m running out of classic titles to play, and the new gen is to expensive. So I give Postal 2 a 7.6 out of 10 point rating. I highly recommend it.

I also highly recommend you buy it right now if you are interested. I didn’t realize it was on sale when I made the video. Its $0.99 / Reg $9.99 – 90% off right now!!! I’m not sure how long the sale will run for.

Check Out POSTAL 2 on Steam HERE