Fan Made Pokémon Uranium Has Finally Released After 9 Years Of Work


For 9 years Pokémon fans have been working on Pokémon Uranium. After many years of hard work the game has finally released.

You obviously can’t buy Pokémon Uranium in stores, or play it on your handheld devices. This is a fan made game meant to be played on your PC via an emulator. Get the Pokémon Uranium Free download HERE.

Video Source – GameTraders Usa

Pokémon Uranium Features

  • Tropical setting
  • Over 150 new custom-made Pokémon
  • The ability to talk to your creatures
  • New class: Nuclear Pokémon

Pokémon Uranium - #GTUSA 2

Pokemon Uranium is a fan-made Pokemon RPG that has been in development for over 9 years. Set in the tropical Tandor region, the player will encounter more than 150 all-new species of Pokemon in their quest to collect all 8 Gym Badges and triumph over the Tandor League. Along the way, the player must battle against a sinister threat that’s causing Nuclear Meltdowns, and will encounter an all-new type of Pokemon: the Nuclear type.



Pokemon Uranium is developed by ~JV~, Involuntary-Twitch and the Uranium Team. This is a free fan-made project that is not affiliated with The Pokemon Company, Game Freak or Nintendo in any way.

Follow the creators at:
@JVuranium and @voluntarytwitch

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