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Pokemon Uranium Mac

Some fans of the excellent Pokemon Uranium fangame have developed a way to play the game on Macintosh.  If you are unfamiliar with Pokemon uranium, read my review here!

Professor Bambo is here to help you get your game set up on Mac.

Professor Bambo is here to help you get your game set up on Mac.

How to run Uranium on Mac OS X

One of our fans found a way to run Pokemon Uranium 4.0 on Mac OSX using Wine!

Greetings fellow Trainers! I couldn’t find any posts about running Uranium on Mac, so I thought I’d let you know how to go about it if you so choose.

My setup:
– Mac OSX 10.9.5
– Wine 1.6.1

To configure wine (one-time setup):

  1. Download Uranium’s .MSI file and right-click. Run with Wine. Complete installation wizard.
  2. Go to Wine > Configuration.
  3. Under Applications, Add application… – navigate to your Pokemon Uranium installation and select it by double-clicking on the “Uranium.exe” file.
  4. For “Windows Version”, select “Windows XP”.
  5. Switch to “Libraries” tab. Type “dwrite”  into “New override for library” and click “Add”. Edit the dwrite override and select “Disable”. Hit “Apply” to close configuration window.
  6. Go to Wine > winetricks. Check “d3dx9_36”, “directplay”, “directmusic” and click “Apply”.

Now you should be able to launch and play Uranium without problems (Wine > File Manager, then navigate to the Uranium.exe). If you want a desktop shortcut to run Uranium in a snap, you should be able to use wine bottler to make that happen.

These are the steps I took based on the errors I saw on my machine – YMMV, but give it a shot and let me know if it works for you, too!

Link to Download Wine 1.6.1

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