PlayStation Store Update & Weekly Deals:

PlayStation fans, the 10th Anniversary sale has arrived. Although this week the pace has rather slowed down, there are still some great games coming out, particularly for VR owners. Amongst the highlights we can find Cartoon Network Battle: Crashers and Dishonored 2.  For gamers looking for a good discount, the Anniversay Sale is the actual highlight, with deals ending on the 15th of November.

But which of these weekly deals are actually worth your hard earned money?

For PS4 owners:

  • FEZ: One of the best indie platformers is 50% off it’s original $12.99 price.
  • flOw: Only $0.95 will get you this acclaimed title by the same company that created Journey and Flower.
  • Rocket League: If you haven’t experenced one of the best multiplayer games of this generation, now is the time to get it for a discounted price of $11.99.
  • TowerFall Ascension: For those of you yearning for an excellent local couch session against (or with) friends, TowerFall is your game (50% off it’s original $14.99 price). You can read why I highly praise it as one of the best PS4 games currently available here.
  • Bully: A retro game from Rockstar from the PS2 era, for those who want to quench their nostalgia induced memories. $9.89.
  • Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy: Speaking of Rockstar, all of the Grand Theft Auto series is at a discount, and this special collection pack will net you three games for $20.99.
  • Bloodborne & it’s expansion The Old Hunters: $19.99 and $7.99 respectively will get you the brutally hard yet excellently designed game from the same creators of Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls.
  • Hotline Miami: A great (albeit dark) story, unique art style and perfect gameplay make Hotline Miami a must buy for everyone that want a different take on indie games. Only $3.99 for Plus members.


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