Planet Licker | WTF is This?



In the time I’ve been playing games I’ve seen plenty of innovations. I’ve heard of the strangest ideas of how to change the face of gaming. However, I have been struck speechless by the wtf moment I came across.

The GDC (Game Developers Conference) attracts developers from all over to one place. This year a “game” called Planet Licker was introduced, “Each lick of the controller propels a friendly monster through a solar system of flavor,” it said. “Slurp your set of ice pops, and go for a record time!”

The idea is that a supplied controller that has a replaceable “lick pad” made of popcicle or candy. You lick the pad to propel your character into the next “treat.”


The Planet Licker website doesn’t say much more about the game, although it does note that the demo will include “flavors that work in harmony,” like Orange Cream, Matcha Lemondate, Blue Vanilla, Coffee, Beet (WHY), and Blueberry.

I have not seen this game personally and have not tried this game. Here is a video from the original introduction back in 2015 at New Jersey Arcade.

The level of NOPE associated to me from seeing this is of the highest order. I would rather sit in a pit of spiders or shake fins with a hungry shark than do this. Even on my own controller I just don’t think I could stomach the gameplay.

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